Weardrobe iOS App

A closer look into the inventory app we all need

The Problem:
An Unknown Wardrobe

Many times, people have no idea what is in their closet, their drawers, their shelves, etc. let alone what shoes will go with their outfit. Many times you even forget what clothes you put in the hamper. Finding outfits to wear for the day/week is a hassle.

Packing for a long trip

Trying to pack for a long trip can get confusing because you don’t know how much you need for specific days. Some days you’ll be at the pool, others will have cold nights, and no matter how much you try and plan it out, you always have either too many or too less.

The re-return

We all dread the day where we accidentally wear the same outfit twice in the same week. Very few things are as awkard as facing coworkers with the same combination as earlier; even the same shoes!

Do I need this?

When shopping, we want new clothes, especially clothes we don’t have. However, we tend to think we need that new, cool grey sweater. Low and behold, we get home to find three other grey sweaters already in your closet. Now you have too many (or at least not enough variation).

When is my laundry done?

Laundry isn’t a big hassle, but trying to remember when two loads of wash are done on top of the dryer can get tricky. And having to deal with the impatient people who take your clothes out is frustrating.

The Solution:
A Digital Wardrobe

All of your clothes, shoes and extras on your smart device. Swipe through outfits, plan week long wardrobes, check what you have in stock, and organize your laundry needs. Know exactly what you have in your wardrobe, from clothes to shoes, and create outfits based on the day or your mood.

Packing for a long trip

Plan week long wardrobes with the clothes you own, making sure you have just the right amount for every occasion.

The re-return

Look back at the week to see what you wore. It might surprise you how often you wear certain outfits, but at least you’ll now be able to switch it up.

Do I need this?

Know exactly what you have in your closet at all times. This will save you time and money because you’ll realize you probably don’t need to go shopping. Or instead of searching for something to go with clothes, know exactly what you don’t have to make trips shorter.

When is my laundry done?

Every time you wear an outfit, it will be put in the “hamper.” You now won’t be able to preview that piece of clothing until you do the wash. Some clothes like sweatshirts, however, can be worn numerous times in a row. This app will allow you to manage your usage and notify you when it’s time to wash certain clothes. In addition, It has timers for your washer and dryer needs.


Initially I broke this out into scenarios so I can dive into the minds of someone who would need this app. The first scenario is what we're all too familiar with, and that's just figuring out what to wear in the morning. The second is less frequent, but doing laundry can still occur a few times a month. Finally packing for vacation is the last burden I wanted to concur.


Listing out all features makes it easier to prioritize what goes into the app for launch and what can be added on later. RIght now we just want to be able to add and organize our current wardrobe, create outfits based on weather or occasion, and search / filter through your wardrobe with ease.

User Interface Design

I wanted to make this light and airy as to not overwhelm. The clothes should bring the color out in this app, as they are the main focus. You'll notice you are able to view outfits, search and filter for specific items, plan your week based on the weather, and experience your wardrobe in a whole new way.

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