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An exploration into removing the hamburger menu

The Problem

Many sites' navigation tends to be squashed into a hamburger menu. Research suggests this is unclear information architecture and that we shouldn't assume the user is aware of this hidden menu. Users tend to look for keywords first and resort to exploration after giving up. In addition, Spotify has found that by removing the navigation button on their apps, it actually increased their navigation clicks by 30%.

Design Process

The simplicity of this website made it an easy task to list all potential pages users can visit. The process of dividing this list up was more complicated because we had to create and properly name content buckets in order to account for user uncertainty. In the end, there only needed to be 2 menu options; Music and Media. Under Music, you can find tour dates and songs/alumns. Media is where you find images and music videos.

User Interface Design

Simple and bold kept ringing in my ear as I designed this. The whole project was designed to make the user's experience smoother and I did not want to ruin that with a complicated UI.

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